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  • Who we are ?

    Founded as a plastic supplier more than 15 years ago, 

    Bontronic had made a great transition to digital

    scales and travel accessories production since 2003, 

    and becomes the leading manufacturer in these fields.

    Now our product line covers luggage scale, gold/gem 

    scale, universal adapters, power converter, power

    banker, and other electronic traveling products. 

  • How to contact us ?

    Tel: +86 755 23029043

    Fax: + 86 755 84196388

  • Address

    Address: Guanghua district 9/3F, 188 Industrial Park, Henggang, Shenzhen 518115, China
Recently, we are ......
  • Mon,July-15,2019

    New portable scales launched for 2020

    Are you looking for new in digital scales field? We are still here and design, develop new items to meet market needs every year. Two more items launched later half year 2019. Expecting any enquiries both home and aboard.

  • Thu,June-05,2014

    New product launch

    We are going to launch new products, power bank in the coming July. This is complete new for us but we will try our best to produce it perfect....

We can promise...

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